Schools/Museum sessions

We offer several two hour sessions on various curriculum linked themes –

The Saxons – This session brings to life the experiences of a Saxon at the time of the Battle of Hastings in 1066. Starting out in basic Saxon clothing, and then by adding authentic leg wraps, shoes, leather tunic, mail, helmet, sword, etc we talk children/museum visitors through the day to day life of the Anglo Saxon and the soldier preparing to go to war.

The Vikings – Experience the life, death and burial of Vikings (both male and female) and help recreate a Viking grave complete with grave goods.

Castles – experience, through the eyes of a castle guard, what life would have been like in the medieval period. Where would you build your castle? How would you defend it? Who would live in the castle with you and what would they eat, wear and do from day to day?

All items worn are authentic copies of items of the period and spectators have an opportunity to handle the artefacts/clothes to get a feel for life during this period. In addition, we provide the opportunity to handle further replicas of everyday items such as clothing, bone combs, buckles, swords, shields, buckets, weaving materials, etc.

We can also offer workshops/sessions based around replica making, for example Roman shoe making, flour grinding and bread making, bone/antler working and stone carving. We also offer Celtic facepainting. Workshops can also be tailored to objects held in a museum to add additional specific interest – children can then be inspired to hunt for the original or something like it in the display cases.

In addition for adults, in conjunction with Tess Machling, we also offer a chocolate and real replicas session. Spend an hour learning about how to make replicas in chocolate, and for real, and then, over a glass of wine, paint your own chocolate replica to take home with you!

Prices are dependent upon session length and requirements. Please email for a quote.

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